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SENSIVIC positions Itself at VIVATECH 2022

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

From the 15th to the 18th of June 2022, the VIVA TECHNOLOGY trade fair was held at Porte de Versailles in Paris, bringing together the best players of the innovation industry from more than 149 countries around the world. Selected by the Village by CA, a startup accelerator, SENSIVIC, along with more than 40 other incubated startups, presented its unique smart audio detection technology at this 6th edition of VIVATECH.

Based on its own artificial intelligence, SENSIVIC has developed an innovative range of sound detectors capable of adapting to the constantly changing sound landscape and detecting abnormal sounds representing a potential threat such as verbal aggression and incivilities, gunshots, accidents, broken glass. "Your cameras can now have sharp ears. This is what we guarantee our customers," says Jean Demartini, co-founder of SENSIVIC and designer of the technology.

Vivatech was the opportunity to present Sensivic's latest innovation: the KILPI mobile application.

It is an application that allows to protect a united team from verbal aggressions and incivilities. A manager interface on a mobile tablet allows to manage the security of a team. Each team member has access to the application on his or her

mobile phone, which works automatically in the back office, and which detects

which detects any verbal aggression or incivility. The manager is then alerted

The manager is then instantly alerted, geo-locates the attacked team member, and sends the nearest rescue team member to

to the nearest rescue team member to come to their aid. The situation degenerates, the rescue team member requests reinforcements. The solution runs on Android, is fully RGPD compliant, and works in any language.

Pascale Demartini, CEO: "Currently established on banking sites, petrol stations, urban areas and local authorities, our ambition is to expand into retail, industrial sites, transport, car parks, smart cities and major sporting events. It is by expanding our range of solutions that we will succeed in conquering these markets.

The demand for this now mature technology is becoming strong. The market has understood the need to complement visual protection with audio detection to bring real time, sense of warning to security systems.

An international catalyst for digital transformation and technological emergence, VIVA TECHNOLOGY is the largest annual European event for start-ups. This little brother of the CES in Las Vegas welcomed a varied audience ranging from start-ups to large groups, including leading figures from the global technology ecosystem, researchers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, influencers, investors and manufacturers. French President Emmanuel

Macron made an appearance.

As a startup, SENSIVIC has benefited greatly from this energy for technological development and innovation, and has met some very interesting synergistic partners.

VIVA TECHNOLOGY is undoubtedly the European innovation and business event not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you next year to discover the evolution of our security solutions integrating artificial intelligence, biomimicry and audio detection.

See you next year!


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