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A human and ambitious project at the service of innovation


Quonex Alsatel group acquires USS Sensivic as part of a business continuation plan.

Quonex group acquired USS Sensivic on the 1st of November 2023 as part of its business diversification strategy focused on innovation and integration of smart solutions.

Quonex Alsatel, a major player in digital transformation (operator solutions, voice and data, security of people and assets, applications), adds a publisher to its portfolio as a driver of innovation. “We are convinced of the relevance of smart real-time audio detection to improve the security systems effectiveness. This is a first phase of acquisitions to strengthen our proposition by deploying AI in our solutions. It is an important step in the development of our Group which has great ambition. » according to Enis Muslic, CEO of Quonex Alsatel, and new CEO of Sensivic.

This continuity is part of a human and collaborative project.

One of the cornerstone of this continuity project is to integrat the Sensivic operational teams (R&D, Commerce, Export, Marketing) in a Cooperative Company in which all employees become shareholders and participate in decisions. The objective is to maintain the independence of the Sensivic structure, to keep its offices in Orléans and to optimise its methods of operation by benefiting from this new collaborative dynamic. SENSIVIC’s 2 co-founders are supporting the operational transition as consultants: “out of the 3 serious and ambitious offers, Quonex proposal for the acquisition of sensivic offers perspective to the teams, to the company and to the technology, and was unanimously supported thanks to an effective business model and financial soundness of the group»

A new dynamic for Sensivic for its technological development and penetration of the security market.

The ambition to make smart real-time audio detection a mainstream solution for the electronic security and video protection market remains intact.

The strategy in France and abroad, is to continue to conquer private and public markets

by building on the entire existing Sensivic offer: audio detectors, mobile application, third-party integration solutions. The range of existing sound detection addresses identified needs, and alerts in real time to the most risky situations: verbal violence, collisions between vehicles, explosions, gunshots, break-ins, vandalism, cries of panic..

The ambition is also to continue to innovate through a rigorous technical roadmap for digitalisation so that Sensivic solutions can soon be integrated into a more diverse range of physical and digital tools (cameras, PTI, various applications).

Hervé Zandrowicz, Sensivic marketing director: “on behalf of the entire Sensivic team, we are delighted with the prospects offered by the Quonex group. We share the same human values, ambition and dynamic of innovation. Full ahead ! The Sensivic adventure gains new momentum! ".


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