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Verbal attacks infiltrate the daily lives of the French. How to fight?

Verbal assault is a form of psychological violence that involves the use of words to intimidate or threaten someone. This can take many forms, such as screaming, insulting and rather aggressive insults. It is an unacceptable means of communication and can have serious consequences for both the perpetrator and the victim. But how can we fight against them?

A real scourge for the victims

Every day, many people are verbally abused. All staff confronted with the public suffer the scourge of verbal aggression: human security, reception teams, caregivers, teachers, elected officials...

Protecting people in the workplace becomes essential to avoid stress, injuries, physical damage, consequent absenteeism, potential financial losses, as well as to optimize productivity, professional development and personal development. In the banking sector, in 2019, there were more than 5,200 incidents of incivility and violence reported during the business relationship, of which more than 2,000 were identified as verbal assaults. In the retail sector, 81.5% of the cases of violence against persons are attacks on dignity, threats or gratuitous violence, and 63% of the French fear a verbal attack when they go shopping.

Sensivic develops its solution for automatic detection of verbal abuse

Specializing in the sound detection of suspicious events, Sensivic has created a technology that analyzes the constantly changing sound landscape, and detects audio abnormalities as they occur: artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing. Our technology detects the sudden surges of the human voice associated with an accelerated syllabic rhythm. Thanks to its learning system, it automatically adapts to changes in the sound environment, and retains its detection qualities at all times.

Our innovative embedded solutions are available as plug & play detectors for integration into electronic security and video protection systems. Thus, our KIETO detector detects verbal abuse automatically and instantly, without any action on the part of the victim. The alert goes back in real time to the central security system to which it is associated, thus triggering the correct protocol. As soon as the verbal attack is detected by KIETO , the alert is notified in real time by activating a dry contact.

In addition, to help combat the problem of verbal abuse while on the move, Sensivic has just launched its new digital solution: the Qilpi app.

It is a unique innovation consisting of 3 key features: automatic detection, real-time alert, proximity emergency activation.

The app now runs on Android 10 and will be developed later this year on iOS. It is particularly aimed at companies to protect their mobile teams. Qilpi is currently launched on France, and will target Europe and internationally very soon. What prospects for this exclusive innovation made in France and in compliance with the GDPR.

With its 2 solutions, Sensivic helps protect your staff from verbal abuse wherever they are

Sensivic brings you the solution to fight verbal abuse, wherever you are! With

a standalone detector (KIETO) to cover fixed areas, and a mobile application (QILPI) for mobility situations. Real-time alerts save considerable time in triggering the right security protocol (depending on each company). Many actions are possible:

  • The right pictures at the right time are captured by the security cameras.

  • Automated messages may be displayed on screens.

  • A designated or assigned official or colleague can be alerted in real time to offer assistance.

  • The on-site security officer may be alerted to intervene.

  • A remote security centre can be alerted to monitor the situation in real time.

  • etc.


To learn more about Sensivic and its intelligent audio detection solutions:

Tél.: +33 2 38 69 82 96



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