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Our solutions apply to a diversity of businesses and uses

Real-time smart audio detection heightens the efficiency of every security and video surveillance systems. Hearing is the primal sense of alert, the first step in the security decision-making process. In compliance with the GDPR, it finally offers real-time reactivity to video-surveillance , and becomes at last a true video-protection. Decision making is incredibly accelerated by continuous 360° automatic threat detection that instantly alerts the system. A precious time is saved by capturing the attention of operators and the automatic rotation of the PT cameras which allows vital information to responders and the implementation of appropriate countermeasures.

Overview of targeted industries 


Industrial and Sensitive Sites

  • Protect against malicious events, intentional attacks and break-in attempts of all outdoor and indoor areas.

  • Protect against industrial accidents: explosions and detonations.

Law Enforcement 

  • Protect fixed and mobile staff from verbal violence

  • Protect people and assets from gunshots, break-in attempts, explosive attacks or car ramming.


  • Protect infrastructures from damages, break-in attempts and vandalism.

  • Protect staff and patients against verbal violence.

  • Detect collisions and glass breakage in car parks and outdoor areas


  • Protect people and assets from attacks, armed attacks, material attacks.

  • Protect staff in contact with the public from verbal violence

  • Protect sensitive areas from break-in attempts.

Car parks

  • Protect people and assets as soon as an accident, broken glass, attempted vehicle break-in occurs.

  • Protect self-service equipments against break-ins and vandalism.

  • Protect dark and isolated areas. Detect cries of panic and verbal violence


  • Protect staff from verbal violence

  • Protect safes, vaults and ATM from break-in and theft attempts.

  • Protect bank branches from armed attacks or intrusion attempts (explosion, broken glass, ramming car).

Petrol Station

  • Protect people and assets as soon as an accident, breaking glass, attempted vehicle break-in occurs.

  • Protect self-service equipments against break-ins and vandalism.

  • Protect sensitive areas and vaults from theft attempts.


  • Protect people and assets from attacks indoor and outdoor

  • Heighten security of indoor or outdoor car parks.

  • Heighten security coverage in private and isolated zones.

  • Protect reception staff, security staff and sports teams from verbal violence.


  • Protect fixed and mobile staff : reception, ticketing, drivers, controllers, mediators, etc.

  • Protect people against aggressions, armed attacks, and assets against damages.

  • Heightens security in indoor and outdoor  car parks,.

  • Combat break-ins and vandalism attempts.


  • Protect staff against verbal violence

  • Protect people and assets against attacks, armed attacks, intrusion attempts and break-in attempts.

  • Detect car accidents and glass breakage in car parks.

Urban Area

  • Protect people against attacks and assets against damages..

  • Protect populated areas from noise pollution

  • Detect detonations, car collisions, glass breakage, vandalism..

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Sectors Overview

Specific needs by industry 


Fichier 18_2x-8.png

In the era of smart cities and connectivity, of the concentration of activities in urban areas, security issues are major.


Crimes are on the rise: break-ins, assaults, insecurity, violence, urban congestion, sound pollution. So many emergency situations to which our smart real-time audio detection solutions respond.


Fichier 72_2x-8.png

Territories, administrative infrastructures, prisons,   town halls, public service staff are all affected by the growing insecurity.


Verbal or physical attacks on staff, internal and external break-in attempts, armed attacks, vandalism, so many facts that smart audio detection can identify in real time, saving precious time in triggering security protocols.


Fichier 82_2x-8.png

Police, police station, local police,  security units are corporations that need to protect their personnel from verbal aggressions and incivilities. Real scourge of these in-motion professions confronted with the public.


In addition, infrastructures are under attack and need to benefit from reinforced security. Smart real-time audio detection is key to addressing these challenges.


Fichier 66_2x-8.png

A jostled health sector, which needs to strengthen its levels of security to cope: failing infrastructure, congestion, lack of staff, societal tensions, behavioral aggressiveness.


Smart audio detection is a real security systems improving leverage. Gains in acuity and reactivity, the power to act rather than react.


Fichier 30_2x-8.png

A rapidly changing banking sector, where the rationalisation of the number of physical branches, digitisation, staff reduction, protection of vaults and wealth gather increasing levels of risk.


Audio detection is a key asset to boost the level of security of financial institutions. It brings real-time, automatic 360° detection to security and video protection systems. Sensivic solutions are embedded and compatible with alarm centres, VMS, supervisors.


Fichier 24_2x-8.png

It is in shopping centres, supermarkets and local shops that we are seeing a sharp rise in attacks of all kinds: verbal attacks on staff, incivility by the gathering of spiteful individuals, attempted thefts both indoors and on parking lots.

Smart audio detection meets all of those security needs, providing 360° automatic detection, the sense of real-time alert, preicous time saver in activating emergency services.


Fichier 48_2x-8.png

The energy crisis reinforces the potential insecurity of fuel and energy distributors. Bringing together a growing number of vehicles of all types, which must strengthen the security of its vaults and protect its infrastructures from vandalism, smart audio detection is a lever for optimizing gas station's security and video protection systems.

Real time, 360° detection, guidance remove doubts.


Fichier 42_2x-8.png

Parking lots are considerably increasing. Their volumes, their levels of activity, their dimensions, their diversity of equipment (lighting, digitisation, security) generate real needs in terms of security reinforcing of goods and people. Early detection of collisions and accidents, fighting against attempted theft, fighting vandalism, detecting verbal attacks and pnic sreams, are all factors on which real-time intelligent audio detection has real virtues.


Fichier 84_2x-8.png

Constantly seeking to optimise productivity, protect industrial confidentiality, protect staff and production centres, the industrial sector seeks to strengthen its anti-intrusion systems, to detect production and transport accidents on site, to ward off external attacks.


Detection is the technological building block that will allow security systems to better respond to these challenges.


Fichier 93_2x-8.png

Sensitive sites must protect themselves from all potential spiteful events. Intrusion attempts on fences, gates, doors, offices, hangars, production sites etc.


Smart real-time audio detection greatly enhances the acuity of security, CCTV, access control, anti-intrusion systems by bringing the sense of primary alert, automatic detection, real-time alert , guidance for to remove doubts, the possibility of acting rather than reacting.


Fichier 36_2x-8.png

Safety in transport, whether urban, rail, airport or maritime, is fundamental. To protect the public who uses them, to protect the staff who runs the networks, to fight against damages, to protect the material heritage.


Sensivic solutions can alert security systems in real time of all verbal attacks, gunshots, explosions, glass breakage, vandalism attempts. 


Fichier 60_2x-8.png

Often the targetted from attacks, attempted thefts and break-ins, sometimes victims of degradation and vandalism, cultural centers like more occasional events suffer and have the need to face new behavioral challenges. Lots of assets to protect, lots of people to channel.


Sensivic enables security systems to gain in efficiency to better fight against all these phenomena of insecurity.


Fichier 54_2x-8.png

Attractive for entertainment, concentrating large numbers of people at key times, bringing together personalities and athletes, generating expectations and rivalries, sporting events need more than ever to sharpen their levels of security to meet growing needs. . Major meetings such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup or the 2024 Paris Olympics are events where security is a major national and international issue.


Protecting sports arenas and their surroundings against attacks, reinforcing security in car parks, private and isolated places, protecting staff and security teams from verbal attacks, as many concerns as smart audio detection in real-time allows parrying. Detectors of sound abnormalities, automatic 360°, guidance of cameras towards the source, alert by notification, smart phone / tablet application for mobile teams.

Urban Area - Communities
Law Enforcement - Health
Bank - Retail
Gas Station - Parking Lot
Industry - Sensitive Zone
Transport - Events

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