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Designed and manufactured in France, SENSIVIC smart audio detection systems add the sense of hearing to your security systems. Allowing a real-time qualified detection indoor and outdoor it greatly improves the efficiency of electronic security and video protection system's for communities, businesses and institutions.
Our technology has been founded on three core concepts:





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Technical Asessment

Technical Advice

Our products respect privacy by anonymising sounds, in compliance with GDPR

An specialist independent field laboratory studied our detection systems and issued a Technical Assessment on the  14th of june 2021. That official document states that sounds are transformed by our products in such a way as to make it impossible to track back to voices and conversations. Thus no accessible data can be interpreted as personal data.
Indeed, our systems operates through unsupervised learning, without input databases. Consequently, it offers no possibility of comparing and identifying a person in relation to a sound reference given as input.
Furthermore, the acoustic wave processing within our audio detectors makes it impossible to acquire interpretable voices or conversations data.

This process is carried out:

either on an absolute value of sound, non-reversible operation that does not allow the original sound to be recovered

either over a very limited duration (10ms to 64ms depending on the product), constantly crushed by the following sequence, timing much lower than standard duration of a syllable (between 200ms and 300ms), technically not allowing the understanding of any syllable, word or sentence and spurning speaker identification.

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Fichier 3.png

A Technical Notice carried out by an independent specialist field laboratory

demonstrates that our range of audio detectors respects regulations

and is GDPR compliant.


We claimed it, we can now prove it.

No tracking voices nor conversations.
No accessible personal data.


Perfect anonymisation of our audio detections

We can therefore confirm the perfect anonymity of  sounds that pass through our audio detectors: sounds converted into metadata, without any recording or backups, no tracking voices nor conversations, inviolable system.

All sound anomalies detected by our products trigger notifications in complete confidentiality, with full GDPR compliance, in France and in the European Union.

Our entire range of products use machine learning and learn about their environment in an unsupervised way, for the benefit of an efficient audio detection.

It is the case for our SOKORO detector (formerly SOUND-SCANNER) which is designed to detect unexpected sound events, it points out the direction of sounds source and rotates your cctv cameras to what they must watch!

It is also the case for our smart detectors LASCO, KIETO (formerly MUTY), SOKO, SPARO, each specialised in specific sound anomalies indoor and outdoor detection: shock waves, broken glass, power-tools, gunshots, verbal violence, cries of panic…

Your cameras are now equipped with efficient ears, IN FULL COMPLIANCE


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