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A new communication campaign for the start-up

Sensivic brings the natural complement to the image in security and video protection systems.

The objective is to highlight the contribution of sound detection to a system that now has the ability to reproduce the sensory matrix that nature endowed us with. At Sensivic, we have chosen to raise awareness among Internet users with a campaign linking nature to security and video protection systems. Several visuals will be posted in the coming days on our social networks to promote the smart audio detection solutions we are developing.

Our real-time intelligent audio detection solutions help you energize and improve the performance of your security and video protection system.

Among these many detection qualities, the highlight of our solutions will be 360° detection and 24/7.

Alerts are qualified in real time on central systems and save valuable time.

Intelligent audio detection solutions enable automatic detection of sound anomalies. The cameras are constantly analyzed on the soundscapes, can then orient themselves towards the sound source or towards the detection area for a qualified detection regardless of the environment.


One minute to discover Sensivic :

To learn more about Sensivic and its Intelligent Audio Detection Solutions :

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