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Attempts to break in are becoming more frequent

In a world where safety has become a major concern, it is essential to take adequate measures to protect homes, workplaces and public spaces. Attempted break-ins are an alarming reality that requires special attention.

Breach attempts have become a frequent threat in our modern society

Criminals use sophisticated techniques to break into property, causing considerable material losses and creating a sense of fear and insecurity among victims. Whether in homes, businesses or workspaces, no one is immune from these unwanted intrusion attempts.

How to combat attempted break-ins ?

In the face of this disturbing reality, it is imperative to enhance security and protect property and emotional well-being. Effective solutions must be put in place to deter intruders, detect attempted intrusions and alert competent authorities quickly. It is essential to create a safe environment that provides peace of mind for everyone, whether at home, at work or when travelling.

Sensivic brings you its solutions for automatic detection of intrusion attempts

Sensivic has created a technology that analyzes the constantly changing sound landscape, and detects audio abnormalities as they occur: artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing. Our technology detects shock waves and portable power tools for cutting or drilling. The objective is to be able to alert security systems before the protagonists manage to penetrate the target area.

Our innovative embedded solutions are available as plug & play detectors for integration into electronic security and video protection systems. Thus, our SOKO detector detects sudden and very brief sound events, such as detonations, broken glass... It returns a notification on all types of security systems, from the simplest to the most complex.

In addition, to help combat the problem of attempted break-ins, the LASCO Intelligent Audio Detector is a useful addition. It detects the appearance of sounds emitted by the use of cutting and drilling tools that can be used to commit break-ins. It detects long, loud and strident sounds, such as a drill or disc machine used to saw or drill material.

These detectors are stand-alone: sound recording and analysis are integrated. They can be associated with any system equipped with contact inputs. No sound is recorded, full privacy is guaranteed.


Learn more about Sensivic and its intelligent audio detection solutions :

Tél.: +33 2 38 69 82 96


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