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Deployment of artificial intelligence systems allowed for JO 2024

On 22 December 2022, the Council of Ministers presented a bill providing for several exemptions or experiments to ensure the smooth running of the 2024 Olympic Games in the areas of safety, health care, anti-doping and transport.

With the CNIL's reservations on the subject, this law was adopted on 31 January 2023.

With regard to security, this law aims to introduce, on an experimental basis, so-called "augmented" cameras to ensure the security of sporting, festive or cultural events exposed to the risk of serious threats to the security of persons, in particular of a terrorist nature.

An experimental legal framework for intelligent video surveillance is created until 30 June 2025

The idea is to allow the use of "intelligent" video surveillance to ensure the security of sporting, recreational or cultural events. These artificial intelligence (AI) processing, called "augmented cameras", will be able to detect predetermined events (such as crowd movements, parcels or suspicious behaviour) in event locations and in public transport. They will be authorized by decree after consulting the National Commission on Information Technology and Freedoms (CNIL).

Intelligent audio detection falls into the category of "enhanced video surveillance"

By natural extension, using artificial intelligence, intelligent audio detection fulfills the same role as "augmented cameras" by making real-time qualified detection to help security operators act faster and more efficiently. Intelligent audio detection is therefore considered to be the tools authorized by this law.

Sensivic, with its range of detection of high-risk events (gunshots, explosions, broken windows, burglary attempts, panic cries, verbal attacks) allows to improve the performance of security and video protection systems:

  • New sensory technology: hearing, the primary sense of alert

  • Automatic sound detection 360° 7/7

  • Real-time qualified alerts on central systems

  • Synchronized camera guidance for automated doubt-raising

  • Optimization of security protocols: qualification, speed, fluidity

  • Saving valuable time: to act faster and anticipate the consequences

Sensivic and its Intelligent Audio Detection Solutions Candidate for Olympic Games 2024

The Security Industries Sector Strategic Committee has selected intelligent audio detectors as one of the trusted solutions selected for securing major events, including the 2024 Olympic Games. Sensivic and its technology is therefore a candidate for equipping competition venues and training venues. In addition, with our latest innovation, the QILPI app, the first smartphone app to detect verbal abuse, we are candidates to equip human security teams and reception teams participating in the event.

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