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Sensivic solutions in full GDPR compliance

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A Technical Notice, issued by independent referenced specialists, confirms that SENSIVIC systems respect privacy.

Better than words, we now have a Technical Notice:

The technical notice was carried out by an independent referenced laboratory, which demonstrates that

our products comply with the regulations in terms of personal data protection.

This technical opinion, dated 14 June 2021, demonstrates that the sounds captured by Sensivic products are transformed in such a way as to make it impossible to track voices or

conversations, and that no data that could be

interpreted as personal data is accessible on our products.

Indeed, our systems work via unsupervised learning, without an input database. Consequently, they do not offer any possibility of identifying a person in relation to a given input sound reference.

Moreover, the processing of acoustic waves in our audio detectors is carried out either on an absolute value of the sound, a non-reversible operation that does not allow the original sound to be recovered, or on a very limited duration, constantly overwritten by the following sequence, which technically does not allow us to understand any syllable, word or sentence.

We can therefore confirm the perfect anonymity of the sounds that pass through our audio detectors:

Sounds transcribed into metadata, without any recording or backup, no possibility of tracking voices or conversations, tamper-proof system.

All sound abnormalities detected by our products trigger notifications in complete confidentiality, with full GDPR legitimacy. This is the first step we have taken in guaranteeing compliance with the regulations in force in France and the European Union.

When we innovate, we open up new perspectives, we invent new solutions, but we must also demonstrate that we are reliable, that we respect our commitments.

Our products are Plug and Play and interoperable, work both indoors and outdoors, integrate with your cameras, your VMS or your alarm system, and have GDPR legitimacy

Technical Advice provided on request to

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